Get Rid of Fake FIR for kidnapping lodged against us

I have been practising a particular religious sect for the last 3 years and met a few people practising the same sect and started living together with them without being forced to do so. And this religious sect is not at all offensive to anyone, rather aims at becoming meek and humble. Now that I wish to continue the same in my life, my parents have become completely opposite to me. They discourage me and tease me with various means so that I may leave it. And when I had enough, I decided to leave my home and live independently with them without being influenced by anyone. Now, my parents are threatening me to lodge an FIR against the ones whom I am living with under Kidnapping and brainwashing me. And one of my friend's father is a rogue who is threatening to kill me if I appear in front of him. Now, if they lodge an FIR against them under Kidnapping me, I have to go to the court and give my statement that this is not the case. I am above 21 years of age. But as soon as I go there, one of my friends father will kill me. What to do now?