How to get rid of cruel wife

I get married on 16 Oct 2016 in the temple.This is to ensure you it was love marriage. That time when she promised me to take care of my parents and my family and insisted me to marry her.she belongs to a very poor family so I believed on her and marry to her.But now she totally changed and get violent and cruel misbehave to my parents and my siblings.for her happiness and peace I do whatever she want.even she get separate from my parents and cook her food separate.though she abuses the all members of my family and create the scene in socially parents are old and sick and very gentle person. They all r terrified of her deed.she don't want me to talk even my parents and siblings. And don't want to hepl my parents from money.I want to give her divorce but she isn't ready to give me divorce.she doesmt want to leave my house.even she isn't ready to go at her mother's home.I want to get rid of her because she is very cruel and violent to me and my family.every member in my family is terrified of her.what should I do. Well I'm a police officer but I can't help my self in this situation.