Friend Money not returned

I am from Bangalore had given 4 lakhs to long time friend who stays in Hassan about 5 years back for his business and daughter eduction through bank transfer. Inspite of my efforts through friends he does not seems to care commitment promised to return money. I call him regularly and message, which he is ignoring. Few times he acknowledged he will return. ( have saved all messages) From last 2 years he is not returning call, (even if I call from new number) and evasive. I am in bangalore had gone to Hassan 2 times , he hides being in house no response to bells. He gave a cheque for the amount in June 2014 and cheque bounced and also a letter sent by fax for asking to loan money 5 years back . In good faith did not purse criminal charges. He is reasonably well off and wealthy. I would like to know. - How to recover money and chances of getting it back - How ling will it take, as If I proceed with Civil case - Can I go ahead filing Police complaint. - Which city I should file case Bangalore or Hassan. Good reference for Lawyer, who can sure help me out and able to recover money .