Can builder make changes in apartment after 5 years of sale

My apartment was constructed in 2009 only 5 people bought flats by 2010 by 2013 all the flats(total 15 flats) were sold so due to this delay of flats sale nor society was formed, parking not alloted in mean time we had problem with Boring and sumps we have shell out another 50000 rs for all these extra repairs after 2013 problems started for parking till may 2016 he did not allot parking on 12 th may 2016 he hurriedly alloted parking to all members i got a place which is not accessible for 2 wheeler how can i park my 4 wheeler when i ask him the same he is not entertaining it and threatening me so my question is do he has any right to allot parking after 5 years Note: The person claims to be builder is a contractor he built the apartment on other land owners land, all the doc were on land owners name does he have any right to claim as a builder and make changes he has even collapsed a wall to give access to his other car(i.e 2 car parking for himself) no documents claims him to be a builder. then he has to pay of all the extra expendetures occured since 2009 as he claims himself as builder is this point legal i was parking my car in the same place from 2009 onwards now he is threating me to move my car out from the place a what shud i do