I was married in 20/5/2005. my wife is MBA, BED, and since marriage my wife was working. Initially my financial condition was not good but my father in law always want money from me. in february 2007 i was blessed with baby girl. In may 2009 my wife suddenly fleed from my house. i approached my in laws relatives and in laws for mediating but my father in law misbehaved and thrashed me in inlaws house and no solution was given. on 4th Jan. 2010 i filled section 9 of restitution of conjugal rights. my wife appears in one date in court then she dissapear. finally in january 2014 court passes a decree for restitution. I send decree to my wife address then immediately my wife files dowry case 498 on me in April 2014. I filled divorce case in May 2014 then my wife files maintenance case. My wife is working in govt. school as a teacher. she purchased a land and made a house. My daughter is living with my wife. During the case proceeding i offered many times to my wife to come in sasural also i was given written statement in court but always she refuses with false allegation. In divorce case proceedings on permanent alimony is in advanced stage. I was offered 10 lacs and she was demanding 15 lacs, this is mentioned in court day today proceedings. recently wife filed for interim relief under 125 in maintenance case. they have taken my salary slip for Rs. 95000/- via RTI from my office. what i have to do for avoid interim relief and what is possibility in interim relief and what amount