Delay of Chit fund payent

Chit fund Name: Kapil Chits Hyderabad Private Limited 1. I have prized the chit on January 17, 2016. 2. I have received the surety form on [deleted], they asked me the details of guaranties with sign and salary certificates. 3. I submitted the surety form with signatures on [deleted] 4. Again the asked they asked identity cards and photos of guaranties. 5. i resubmitted the form with all documents on [deleted]. 6. From here they delayed to take agreements from guaranties, i called several times all agreements completed by [deleted]. 7. Again they asked me three cheques(wontedly they forgot) and i submitted. After that they saying every time they will arrange next week. some time they asked to come branch for cheque and they were not give. At final they have given me today([deleted]). My question is i have all these communication with branch in form of messages and mails. i have tortured these period. They wontedly delayed 5 months to pay me. How to go legally for my loss. Note: out of 50 months 30 months completed. i was auctioned on 25th month. i paid regularly for 25 months. I did not for these 5 months( i observed their delay). They took balance of 5moths and paid remaining.