Very bad medical experience in hospitalwith wrong treatment, also

Respected Sir, I am Nilesh Patil son of patient Mr. Ashok Patil who was admitted at hospital in Pune on 02nd May 2016 at 09:47 AM. We admitted my father for Ascetic Fluid and Plural Effusion tapping which is not new for us. We did both the tapings in a single day in same hospital on 14th Dec 2015 however this time my experience was very worst. They admitted us for two days and not completed tapping; only half of the fluid was tapped with wrong way and by unskilled nurses. That tapping must be done by ICU doctor who has at least MBBS degree but newly join nurses did that tapping and they even don’t know the exact point of tapping. She inject IV without giving anesthesia to my father at the time of abdomen tapping, she attempted to inject IV into his abdomen! He protested, she back-answered, She resisted, but he created a noise, and soon there was a commotion around him. When my father was started shouting that time she came to know that she forgot to give anesthesia. If my father was not vigilant about his own healthcare at Hospital, today he'd be dead. Also the exact point of tapping must be right side of abdomen and she injected IV just near to navel that was completely wrong. We are not doing such tapping first time and we know where doctor needs to inject IV. Only half of the fluid was tapped and then they said it’s too much time consuming and we can’t give more time and we can’t tap more fluid. I must tell you she is the worst nurse I have come across. The woman doesn’t know anything, she will just take the hell money but she neglects her patient completely. The way she were putting IV depicted that she is not skilled. Previously we did tapping after every 4-5 months however because of this wrong treatment my father’s abdomen parts are very tough and he is still facing pain in that area. And also we need to do tapping on after every 3 days that is a very dangerous for him. She should be responsible for this along with the ICU doctor who has very careless and lazy to give rights to that nurse; I think her name is Maya. Hospital has provided very bad service to us and they even don’t have idea how to stop the abdomen fluid which came outside after tapping due to uneducated staff, continuous fluid was out and my father’s all cloths was wet. But what followed was disaster. If this were the West, you'd be bankrupt years ago, on account of medical malpractice lawsuits. I strongly believe that hospital is responsible for this big mistake and they have to agree this and they should honestly accept their mistake. No one asked us about any reports and lab tests and they took all the reports without intimation and our permission. Previously in Dec 2015 we paid around 8000 thousand rupees for same procedure however this time hospital charged us 19000 rupees for same procedure and when I asked them about the charges they said from March 2016 they increased charges. This is a completely fraudulent act and not expected from such a big brand that has multiple hospital chains and a 1000 corer brand. I know I am very small person and will not able to fight against you however I promise I will not stop till my last breath and now onward you will not even dare to do such fraudulent acts. This time Doctor had recommended Albumin injection however medical department denied to provide it in regular cost. They said there are huge demand of this injection and we usually buy it in black. Because of the negligence of the doctor and nurse my father condition was getting worsen and he stopped talking because it will make him breathless. I have grudge for the hospital but a recommendation for the management and hence I would like to give you two days time to investigate on this and come up with your conclusion before I took next step to escalate this issue. That nurse has completely disturbed our life along with my father’s; He is in very bad situation and continuous pain. Now we need to do frequent tapping. This is not acceptable and excusable. We came at hospital to reduce our pain and they did such a big mistake. Doctors are attending patients on telephone however these things are not more important than the skill of the staff. In a nutshell I shall not recommend this hospital; it’s like money minting hospital. Management is worst. They have made the policy only to benefit to insurance company and them self. Such as 10% administrative change 500 insurance processing charge and many more. Almost most you us to pay 25% of total bill amount if you have 100% of insurance. So we need to think before going to hospital if we have insurance. They have beat the treatment in many parts as doctor fee, lab rent, equipment charge etc. in which insurance company don’t pay all the parts. I would never suggest anyone about this Hospital in future when it comes to health care we tend to be afraid of bad services so we prefer to go to good and reputed hospitals. It was one of the reputed chains of hospitals in Maharashtra. But, it's a scam. You overcharge us you’re your high rates of service; I do not like these kinds of people. You trade with poor people is what I experienced. Let me know your thoughts on this. I am looking forward to your support and help in this. Thanks, Nilesh Patil, Mob: [deleted]