Harassment by Husband

Dear Sir/Madam, Our's is an intercaste love marriage and have been resided in Hyderabad for about 15yrs.Blessed with twin kids ( Boy & Girl) and now they are at 9yrs old.Me & my husband where HR professionals.Worked in IT companies for more than 10yrs.My married life was OK for about 3yrs and after that I have seen a lot of change in my husband.He became irresponsible,uncommitted,no stability towards family.I started observing and asking my husband for the change.He use to ignore,skip, hide,lie and try to deviate me. Reasons: Maintain twice illegal relationship with married women.And a lot of lavish,pub and got use to bachelor culture.Misuse of money. I tried explaining many times,later made both family members speak to him but nothing worked out. Today he is trying to pressurize me to apply for divorce. And harrasing me by leaving me at my mother's place, sent advocate notice to me stating that I harrased their parents took all his money and misusing it.For which I have to send the reply notice that all those are false allegations on me. Now he completely stopped communication with me and kids since 4mths and now he blocked all his communication with us.I tried reaching my Inlaws but they are not responding and ignoring me.Today I do not hold any where about my husand. I don't want to loose my family.Have given enough time and scope for my husband to think,realise and understand family responsibility but he is trying to run away. Kindly advise me a solution so that what action I can take on him to bring him out of such addictions,negative attitude nature.