Bail and surety or guarantor

I have one of my relative in Thane jail under sec 376/2. He has been granted bail in session court of Borilwali court. Even after he has been granted bail he is not out yet. The judge asked for Rs 30,000 bail amount since we do not stay in Mumbai so we don't know local people of Mumbai. The advocate advised us that if we give 30,000 bail without one surety it will be a long process to get him out so he advised to arrange for two surety 15,000 each and that will be a fast process so we somehow manages to get two surety. He informed us if we use to surety then we will have to take the order from court and then only we can get him out. Whenever we approach the judge then either she is on leave or she gives another date. I don't understand the procedure that even if he has been granted bail why is it taking so long to get him out. Later on when the surety person was giving surety he was asked for his ration card, adhaar card, electricity bill, salary slip, office I.d. and while he was submitting the documents then he was informed that he will rejected for any visa if he will apply , so the surety person took his surety back before signing for it. He was informed that there will be a stamp on his ration card that he is a person for surety. Can you please explain me rules and regulation of how the process of bail works after he has been granted bail and what are the documents , rules and restrictions for a person who gives surety ?