What can i do? She totally mentally harassment

I am from bhubaneswar,My marrige date 13 dec 2015. My marrige is Arrage marrige.Marrige is based on both are doing job. Thats way I want to marrige this girl.When I question (kab join karoge)she told me 2 jan 2016,But she never joined. After few days of marrige ,my wife told her mom and also my family that (I never toched but we have 5-8 times sex ).I don't know why she told to others this type. I always asked to my wife ,why u told ?.She never reply me. After 4 days of incident,stomach pain and vomiting(with blood)Started (but i never see) on my wife.We called her wife family.Her parents told me she already operation 1 year ago. So, we can treatment her.So they Admit 1 by 1 , 3 hospitals(jan 8- march 30).when our family asked her mother (what happened her?) Ans Nothing she is alright.My Brother told to my wife (Me tumko lekar Doctor ke pass check krunga is and everything).My Brother is MR. On 5 april she came our house with her mother (she told me that she want to go marriage reception) that time she had taken gold ornaments, infront of my mother. After that day She told me to my mom .(Me Apke ghar ko nhi jauga). After that day she tolds my friend,cousin, relatives,office that(Mene Ghar se usko nikal dia usko samjhaoo) but my friend,cousin, relatives are know me What I am. On 29 April she call me on phone that(She wanted my sign on insurance policy) I said ok i will do. Next day i never received call from my wife.on that day she came to my office and said in angry (sign here office required husband sign other wise TDS will deduct). I told wait 1hr We will go to your office and then sign.Then she (Gali de kar chelegeya). When I enquiry her office (She already left sep 2015, company never provide work at home).But we listing, her boss providing Work on house.We are realise that she is lying. On 4 may 2016 she filled against me and family (i)498a (ii)506 (iii)34 (iv)4 Right now we are all in bail.I am jobless because on this matter,I have no assets She is likely to file for maintenance. But Next What can I do?