Wife left home and filled case 498A, domestic violence, 125, 9

My wife left my home on march 13 with her father and other relative without informing me. i went there to discuss the issue but her father refused to talk and asked me to see in court. after sometime, they filled case in section 498a, 125, and domestic violence. they have accused me, my brother and my mother in the case. they have cooked all fake stories in their case. they filled private complaint (No FIR) accusing me, my brother, and my mother to tried hand her with a rope in her house. whereas we were not there. She is in different state of india and my mother is in different state, although me and my brother went their to discuss them as i told earlier one day before of the said incident. So originally we were in the same state but away about 20 km apart from their house. I have owned one house there. They have also accused me for having relationship with other girl. It is all fake. They have contacted in my workplace and informed everything via a letter using some unknown name. It was difficult for me to work there so I take leave from there as management verbally asked me to resolve this issue and they can not allow me take so many leave. Now I am job less. They have requested in their case to get that house for her living and around Rs.40000 for her monthly maintenance charges. I have one baby boy. She is not allowing me to meet him. Court didnt consider their medical and issued notice to me for section 498A, and domestic violence. Court allowed a compensation of Rs. 9000/- in section 125 as an interim order. I have filed section 13 against her on cruelty ground and gardianship case for my kid. She has filled section 9 now. I have tried to compromise even now, but i front of people she agreed later denied. Twice court order for divorce as exparty order but later they came and resumed it. They hardly attend the dates. They have also filled section 24 in divorce case. Please guide me "Request to keep this matter confidential"