Partition of property

We have property in Rajasthan, Udaipur wati dist: sikar. My gr father had four sons. Property (Bhawani) purchased in names of my gr father and my father with their own savings. Further one Haveli (bhavan) was purchas in single name of my gr father. My father was eldest. My father died in 1966, after 6/7 months gr father died. At the time of death of my father I was just 3/4 years of age. All property documents were stolen by remaining uncle's, and never shown to us. Meanwhile at Rajasthan one of our family Joshi (kul Brahman) was kept as caretaker of our property there who have no issues. Later on he adopted one boy as his son. Now after death of Joshi since none of the family members stays at Rajasthan the adopted son of Joshi started claiming that my grand father has given all the property to his father. Now when ever we go to Udaipur, he misbehaves. He also use to rent out our property for exhibitions, marriage, temporary stays. for last couple of years his son has opened all the rooms and using these to stir materials and doing sale business from there. Our uncle's have very fical minded. On asking to sale the property instead of carrying tensions, one of my uncle is not ready to sell. Now can I being 62.5% holder of the property (50% of my father and 12.5% from grand father share, sell the property or should go for partition. We three persons are willing to sell out the property. The fourth uncle is telling that if you all three would try to sell I will tho the court for stay order. The property has become headache now. Recently on our visit when we ask him to vacate the bhawan and remove his belonging, he lodged an FIR and court case against us on the ground that we have done wrong behaviour with them and forced them illegally. I seek proper guidance into the matter.