Bride's family intimidating grooms family of false complaints

My brother is recently married and all is well within our family and bride is also happy. But the brides family gives a number of ~8 calls daily whole day to their daughter i.e. my brothers wife just to inquire about how she is doing. A good amount of daily time gets spent on this. When we said them that since every thing is fine and daughter also happy at her husband's home and so to limit the number of calls or call after few days to know about their daughter's well being then they initially agreed but later on started threatening us that if we try to limit the calls then they will file police complaint against us that we are troubling their daughter by not allowing her to talk to her parents. There is no problem between the new bride and our family but this threatening of filing false complaint of troubling their daughter is annoying us. As such we are not restricting their daughter from talking to her parents but just want to keep it limited so that time can be properly utilized. Can the grooms family be troubled for this minor issue using the bride favoring laws for such minor issues by filing false complaints for asking to limit phone calls?