Legal advice for cheque bounce

Sir, I am a doctor and was working in a private medical college in UP till 20th may 2016 when I was compelled to resign. I wasregular on duty till april 2016(25working days), but due to some personal reasons I could work only irregularly in may 2016(3 days only). Usually my monthly salary is given through cheque before 10th of next month, so I should have got the cheque for april before 10. But they delayed giving cheque and said that it would be given on 16th may. I collected my cheque of Rs.59 thousand on 16th and deposited it in my bank. But the cheque was denied payment and my cheque bounced. When I enquired about it they said that Since I was not regular in may so my salary was withheld and talked to me very rudely. When I said that it was for april not may, then they said that I would have to work for one month then only I will get my salary. Due to their rude behaviour I said clear my salary I won't work anymore, then they told me to resign then only my dues will be cleared. Then I resigned on 20th may mentioning to clear my dues. In next meeting with them they told me thai I would have to serve for one month notice period then only they will clear my dues. I told them that there was no such agreement at the time of joining that I would have to serve for 1 month notice period before resigning. Then they said this is their policy, but I said I was not convayed at the time of joining about this. Then they said they cannot help it. Sir, I wanted to know thai if they had any problem they should have conveyed me or given me warning for not coming. Also they should not have given me the cheque. But after giving me cheque, they denied paying my cheque. So please tell me what action can I take so that I get my money back. I have the bounced cheque with me. Please help. Thanks.