Two Sale Agreements and One Share Certificate

Hi, I have bought flat on resale and in our society everyone has two agreements for a flat. Say for example 201 & 202 (considered as one Unit). But then the share certificate is single and is referred as B201/202. 1. Agreement one is registered in my name and my wife's 2. Agreement two is registered in my name and my mom's 3. Share Certificate has five shares and bears three names mine, wife's & mom's Question I have is 1. For society nomination, i am told to fill one form and appoint nominee. Can I say Son gives to Wife Wife gives to Son/Husband Mom gives to Son 2. How will the shares be divided? Since there are two agreements would it be; a. 2.5 for one flat and 2.5 for another and since two names per agreeement then 1.25 each OR b. 5 divide by 3? Since three names in share certifcate? 3. Should i go ahead and make a gift deed Mom to Son for agreement number two? The agreement has my name first and second is my mom's. This is secondary agreement. This is better option than will and my mom says to get stuff done before hand only. I have a brother who has no say in this flat and we are in good terms and have two daughters to who i do not want to make a nominee for now. Please guide. Thanks Ajay