Abuse and threats

Respected Sir/Madame, I have one query if I can get any help from learned counsel. I am having rough patch in my life. I got married in August 2015 and wife lived for 20 days with my wife and parents. To save my marriage we both families decided to that me and my wife should move to different location, as job was the issue we decided to be in same city but in rented house. As we moved to rented house but my wife never joined and insisted we move to Chandigarh. I was not confident of Job profile as I am in IT only option was Noida to my profile. She denied in fit of anger as she has few cousins and elder sister there. She filled case in CAW Delhi on 18th Sep 2015. FIR Done in March 31st for 498a,406,34 . Recovery done for Stridhan in April 2016 at my rented place, but from last month and half we are be threatened to pay Lump sum amount, as this amount is out of bound we denied for settlement . Now their lawyer with police SHO threatened on 12th June that we are again going for Recovery of goods from your parents home and then girl will be made to live their and she will kick you out in few days or pay the amount. This is Planting for fight by police. Please advice the remedy we have my parents lifelong earning at stake plus he is critical heart patient with multiple medical problems aged 70years. As from August I am living in separate home and all the things for girl and mine I did take to rented apartment & Jewellery and main goods was taken by girl this video was made by neighbors. Police just saying they want recovery from my parents home, what can I do , please help. Thanking you in Advance Maheep