Society association has put Garbage boxes next to our Flat

Problem pics!122761&authkey=!AK99xht_LdtkKp4&ithint=folder%2cjpg Challenges 1.Society association has put garbage boxes next to our flat from their original position approx. 18 months back in a 3 year old society without informing us in any manner including minutes of meeting or communication to non-resident owners. last I visited my flat, situation was bad as seen in pics above and my tenant has left the flat in March 2016. Inappropriate placement of garbage boxes led to flat inhabitable on hygiene grounds and is vacant till now. Association is not willing to place the boxes in better location ( see below) 2.This is also prohibiting us from using our Car parking as those garbage boxes are impeding longer sedan car turning. 3 .The placement of these garbage boxes is not as per plan of society and hence in legal terms illegal and not approved. However not sure if builder decided any specific place for garbage. Potential solutions [ solution pics in one drive link below] : 1.There are at least more than 5 alternative areas in the society where these garbage boxes can be better placed. And I again reiterate that waste should not lie in front of any flat. [ see potential areas in “solution” pics attached] 2.Another option could be, out of 3 guest parking’s, turn 1 guest parking as place for these. 3.Built a completely covered store near swimming pool change room area where these can be placed and completely covered. Solution pics:!122771&authkey=!AExJySlmNCk5qHc&ithint=folder%2cjpg I raised this issue first to association on 3rd feb 2016 and again on 16th April and again on 29 April and then they reverted with a meeting. during meeting they have not shown intent in moving the garbage boxes..what can we do legally on this as my flat is still unoccupied and inhabitable.