Discrepancy in survey number in sale deed and with taluk office

Let me narrate the horrible experience of not getting the patta which is pending with Mylapore - Chennai taluk office since March 2015 for a residential property of 800 sq.feet wherein i am living since 1971. The survey no. mentioned in the 1971 document is 3055. Applied for patta for this survey no. 3055 during March 2015 with Mylapore Taluk Office with 100% compliance with all documents in order for the last 45 years. Patta was supposed to be issued within a maximum period of 15 days, but not issued which is pending for the last 15 months. Hence I escalated to PIO and also to the Appalate authority with a request as to what are the documents that need to be submitted to get patta. I further escalated to State Information Commissioner with 8 reminders since the PIO or Appellate authority had not provided information to the simple questions raised in my letter under RTI. Hence I represented to CM grievance cell, District Collector and also to Public grievance portal of Govt. Of India. In spite of all my efforts, patta had not been issued for which The reason attributed towards non-issue of patta vide Taluk office letter No. 7990/2015 dated 28 Oct 15 is as follows: • Survey No. 3055 has been included in RS No. 3054 (Pula No. 3054/1) • Adangal Name: W. Ramasamy, W. Champasam • The petitioner had not produced documents with proper linkage documents with above Adangal name. for which I replied as follows to the Taluk office: It is clear that the survey no. 3055 mentioned in the sale deed and patta application is correct which had been included into Survey No. 3054/1 as per Taluk office records. When it is so, Taluk office can issue the patta as follows – “Survey No. 3055 included into survey no. 3054/1”. Even the online encumbrance certificate submitted for the last 36 years confirms the same survey number 3055 that had been mentioned in the patta application which is an authenticated Govt. document. When it is so, how come the Tashildar office is not issuing the patta which is pending for more than 15 months is really alarming and shocking. I cannot trace back the seller who sold the property to me during 1971. Hence, I cannot apply for rectification deed jointly with the 1971 seller with sub registrar office. What is the simple way to get the patta either as per the 1971 sale deed records with Survey no. 3055 or in line with the survey number as in the records of survey no. 3054/1 since the survey no. 3055 had been included under 3054/1 as claimed by Taluk office. How can I apply for patta with a different survey number as appear in the Taluk Office records. All the boundaries of the Taluk Office records tally with my documents. I had given the best shot and still fighting and the matter is not resolved as on date. Can any learned advocate help me in this regard since I am getting exhausted - kvk