Previous employeer not given me exp. letter and releaving letter

When i got a job to some other company then i am told to manager to releave me in 1 month they told me how it posible. we can not releave you after 2-3 dyasagain i am telling him to release me in 1month he told me ok i talk with recruiter then i will confirm you. but he didn't told me.then i give him resign letter then he does not give me reply.on saturday i mailed him i will not come from monday before going to new company i will submit all the object.but he told me no you need to come near by my home give me all object.then i am telling him i you told me to give today i.e. sunday, to submit then you need to give one letter on that it mentioned that you will give me exp. letter after 60 days or what ever till 4 pm.then he told to police he called me to come police station then i go and hanover all the he is send me a letter by company letter head he mentioned that 1. customer confidential leak , 2. you involed with 3rd parties have attached external media and took the data from device without prior approval so that you need to give 3.27 lac within 45 days with 10 % intrest otherwise i will case file against you. so please give me some solution. i have evidence to submit all the objects and resignation letter.