Mental Harrasment

Hi, I have been married for 10 years now, and I have 2 kids. 8 yr old boy and 4 yr old girl. My inlaws and husband has been treating me very badly. I have been mentally harassed from the very first day of my marriage. The reason could be as small as my saree's colour or my education or the gift my mother had given to them on any of the festival. I didn't react earlier as I was trying to save my marriage and for my kid's future. But its too much now. they are very selfish and specially my husband shows no responsibility towards kids and me. For him he has to take care of his parents only. He most of the times verbally abuse my mother and me. he never support me and always fights with me in front of kids. The way all of them has been treating has lead me to depression. I don't know how to put things legally but I really don't want to live with him anymore. They had always been breaking up my confidence and hurting my self respect. we hardly talk. and he had been threatening me that he will not live with me and will get separated, Now I have decided not to take it anymore and go ahead with the divorce. He don't let me talk to my friends, and always stops me from meeting them also. I have to fight for everything. I am under a lot of mental pressure and often lead towards depression, which is affecting me as a person, professional and a mother. It is also affecting my kids. Please suggest what to do?