Sister in law files a case against me nd my family

Hello, We are from Ahmednagar (MS). my brother got married 1 year back. Since then there were some issues related to household work was there in between my mom and new sister in law. She is very arrogant and full of attitude. She never adopted the culture of my family and argues everytime. And always fight with my brother that he dont support him, he dont go against his family. in anger, she left my home 3 months back without intimating anybody. And came home after almost 25 days saying sorry to everybody and cried alot. we welcomed her very happily thinking that she realised her mistake and she's changed now. Few days were good... but again same things started that my mother scold her, interfere too much, dont give freedom... but that time situaltion was she was pregnanat. And she started saying that i will do whatever i want, and if anythings happens she will put evrybody in jail... nd bla bla.. My brother console her and went to her house (indore) to drop her. Its almost 10-15 days gone and We all are thinking what to do and how to do and all of sudden today morning one notice came from indore police stated that there is complaint against you, please visit us on 25th may '16 . and the name mention in that notice are my brother my mom my dad me and my husband As My husband is working in Phillipines since last 3 years, so right now we both are in phillipines. Do we have to present in the police station on 25th may? My mom, dad and brother will ofcourse go. I just dnt understand what should we both do? Can u plz guide me???