Wife and her parents interference

Hi, My wife has irritation from my parents.She always complaining me about my parents behaviour,i was trying to show her my parents positive sides as well as i am a only son of my parents. We did not take any dowry from her.From beginning i can't tolerate her i abused her few of occassion.Now she is taking advantage of my this negative side but i managed myself and stop abusing. One day she again incite me while in this process i was facing piles problem, seeing blood on toilet that depressed me.I was expecting she will help me for make an appointment with a doctor due to her rigidness and unhappy with my parents.First she says yes then no due to this attitude i also irritated and said if you want to go your home then go now with crying if you will not go now i will tear your sarees and everything that i threatened her,she boldly said stop crying sit on a chait and calmly packed her luggage after this incident i realisd she pre-planned,i saw her keeping her educational files on her luggage and her intention was teaching in her place.she always assuming my parents will not let her go home at this summer thats why she pinched and i was thinking about my health issue and my though collides on her and i did to go alone her home.she is still there and challenging me you will never ever take from my home.she is staying in her home over 1 months and her parents supporting her and on phone conversation her parent ready for divorce or else her parents will create an agreement.I dont know what agreement they will create.I am ready with fair trial.