Wife not ready to live together

We married 1.3 years ago and now we have a baby boy also, 2 months old. My wife has gone to her mother's place and not ready to come back. She does not want to live together anymore. May be she is interested to extract money from us. I live my mom and dad and residential house and other properties are all on my mom's name. I just want to know that, as she is not working, how much do i need to give her for maintenance? My salary is 20k. And apart from this, can she file any case to have her or our son's share on property? At the time of marriage, we did not as for any dowry, but her parents have given some marriage gifts, furniture and 2 lac rs. Cash. Can they file for dowry case? What will the the consequences, if yes? I have heard that me and any person of family, whose name she will take, will have to go jail atleast once until anticipatory bail. Please clarify my doubts. It would be so much thank ful of you all. As i am in a situation where i really need a good advice. I tried my best to convince her, but she don't want.