Wife left husband and kids and went with her mother and file 498a

My brother's wife has filed false 498a,dv case after 14 years of marriage against her husband(my brother), me (younger brother, 36 year age), mother and two sisters (40 year age) All are married. We got call for 498a from police and told when he call again than present the other city where FIR registered, 345 Km away. They also printed about this in local news paper to damage our value in society. 1) Is she eligible for 498a dowry and DV case after 14 years having 7 year old boy and 4 year baby ? 2) Can police file 498a case after 14 yeas of marriage having two kids ? 3) Will police investigate about the true matter where we live in other city about her cruel behavior before they file the 498a 4) Can my brother write a letter to SP of their city police for kindly investigate proper before file the case of 498a. ? 5) If their were court hearing than all time me,brother, mother, sisters have to go their city for each time ? 6) how we should fight against their false cases like we sibling live separate and enter our names in 498a, like maanhani case, 7) Is it good to complain again newspaper who print our names before investigate or get the truth ? How to do that ?