I got married on 20.8.12 at Kulashekaram, KK dist.my mother in law said that he was moving to Canada for job but after marriage I was shocked & so I came out in 2 months because my husband was taking porn videos, 24x7 drinks, very suspicious & had no interest on me. He never went for any job . My parents gave 7 lakhs , 107 sov jewels & a car. When i came out, i drove the car leaving my jewels at home. When i gave a complaint , my parents in law asked 2 months time. In the mean time, my husband repented his bad acitivites & live a good life but on 20.1.14 he stabbed me in knife & ran away. My neighbours caught him & handed him to police. After a year, 5.12.2014, he closed the case. Now I have reopened it. Due to fright , I didn't go for divorce. He always threatens me that he will surely kill me. My dad borrowed 15 lakhs from his friend for my marriage. After my father's death, my dad friend has sent notice for the money . sir please suggest me about divorce . will I get back 7 lakhs & my jewels? I was hospitalised & my brother spend around 80 thousand. Can I ask that money also? We don't have kids. Plz help me