Right for way and using the government land

Hi Sir, This is Vinoth from Salem, Tamil nadu, we have land and home in Mettupatti, there is around half acre of government land located near by home which we and our neighbours use way for home and land because that land located next to road with which we get access, we are using the way from our grand parent period and there was a temple on that government land too, many communities worship on that temple, a group of people from a particular community created fence and we are badly affected on accessing road now and they put fence on a (athu vaikal) a way from Creek with which Creek water pass through on our land which is used as water source previously, this also comes under that government land, we check with all sources available whether land is on government or temple land , it was government land only (porampoku land) we given complain to thasildhar about this but they are not taking steps since other party given money in order not to take fence, kindly suggest what to do next and sort issue