Wife issue

Hi, im married for 1.5yrs with a son of 8 mnths old. My wife is very suspicious about me from the first month of our marriage. She used to check my mobile(calls, messages, chats etc) once i reach from office. Im into sales, and will be meeting nearly 6 to 9 clients daily, and will be getting an average of 30 calls in a day regarding my work. Whoever calls when im in home, she will get closer to me n hear what n all we speak. When i resist, she'll shout saying im into a secretive talks with some female. i tried convincing saying, i dont have any such relationships, by showing my detailed phone bill, sms, etc etc. But she wont believe me. Even now when my phone is in waiting, she calls continously and asks to whom i was speaking for so long, when she checks it, once im back home she will not be saitisfied saying, to call that number once again, so that she can check whether im speaking to a official client or any female. Even if i dress well, she asks me directly, which female u r meeting today. If im late for few minutes, she'll shout like anything asking, why i was late n where i was. Now she is in her parents house for maternity, following the birth of the son. The same doubt is going in her mind now also, she says that, she cant be in peace, every now n then, only one issue will be in her mind, that where will be i be, and with whom ill be. My parents n her parents spoke to her many times regarding this issue, and made her to understand im good. For the time being, she asks sorry and will be good, But again the story continues. This has repeated many times. Now she is spreading bad rumours saying, im having an affair with some female n neglecting her. I many times, told her to prove that. But without listening to me, she says, she is correct. From past 5 months, shes not speaking to me, even when i visit her house. Also she hasnt spoke to my parents since oct 2015, once she called between this n spoke. thats it. From past 2 months, im not visiting her house even to see my son, she beats n manhandles him when i took him in my arms. The consequences was so severe, that he was admitted in hospital for few days for this. So i didnt want to see my son suffer, from then onwards in left going there. She's not speaking to any of us in my family. Many times she has said, that she's not interested in me. Has spoken in a very bad manner and without any respect(im not expecting any respect from her). Once she had ran away from our house, without informing anyone, saying we tortured her. Seeing her rude behaviour and the way she has treated me, my parents are also not interested in her. If she comes home, she will create an scene and leave home saying, we tortured her. What to do next, even her parents are fed up of her. Many times she has run away from home, without saying anyone, if they question this, she says that she'll do suicide. They want her to leave that house, bcoz her neighbours have started asking about her martial problems. Suggest me