Harassment by in laws

Hi My name is jyothi living in USA. My husband is suffering with PTSD (psychological illness). This happened because of my father-in-law harassing his wife. She tried 3 suicide attempts. Due to that my husband got anxiety, PTSD and emotional dependency . 4 years back my husband was suffered very bad anxiety attack, and at that time my father-in-law and my brother-in-laws emotionally blackmailed him. Due to this he almost went to death and by god grace he survived. Then he went to india and asked for property papers. By that time they already sold 50 lacks worth of properties, unfortunately those properties were not registered on our name. They took him to police station and threatened him that police case will be failed on him if he ask about that money. Due to this his mental health is deteriorated more. My husband is very good with me but I am worried about his health. I want to teach a lesson to father-in-law. Shall I file 498A against him and my brother in law (I don't want to include my husband).