Opening of another gate of my house

My plot is such that it has 20 ft wide road in west and that road goes to south and mingled with 30 ft road to the east side of my plot. Initially I opened a gate in the west then opened a gate towards the east side which is towards 30 ft road. 30 ft road is in another colony and 20 ft road is another colony. Both colonies are adjoining. My neighbour plot is 14 ft behind my plot from eastern side. And he obstructed the way by constructing a 14 ft wall on public road so that i can not open that gate. The map which i have submitted to the prescribed authority have both side gate but the map is not with me as the prescribed authority after reminding a letter did neither provide the approved map nor any objection thereonit . My construction belongs to R BO act. After demolition of the illegal wall by the authority ask me why do you want to open the gate to another colony. Did any one guide me why can i not open the gate of my house in another colony road within my boundary ? Is there any leading case law that house owner can open his house gate in any direction of the public roads if these roads are touching from three sides .