Wife is not interested in living with me.

Hello sir, It's has been 5 months and 27 days for my marriage. My wife left me just within 13 days after marriage. I never did anything wrong with her. Me and my family went to her house many times to take her back but she didn't come. She asked me for divorce many times through messages and phone calls. She invites us to her home to take divorce. When we go there they abuse and put false eligations on us and says that she wants divorce but she will not initiate the process. Divorce will be given from me (ie., from husband). She nighter what's to stay with me nor she wants to give divorce. After 1 months of marriage her parents have opened a beauty parlor for her with my knowledge. Recently last month I have sent her a legal notice to come back to me but she never replied even after 3 reminder notice. For last 2-3 months nobody from family reply to our calls and they don't want to keep any contact. My wife and her family forgot that she got married with me and living her own. She spents time with different boys. Puts her photos on WhatsApp and social media without caring about me & my feelings. I am suffring alone a lot. I know she has an afair but I can't prove it. Can I file a divorce case in my situation as she has totally forgotten about marriage. Thanks