Marriage Certificate

Hi Am an Indian guy married to a Chinese national (Lady) in February 2012 in India. I got it registered at the registrar. As a common man I wasn't aware of the various acts in Indian marriage. We had clearly stated that my wife is a Chinese national and a Buddhist. Her family was also present as a witness. We got the certificate in Hindu act where as we should be given a marriage certificate under Special act. We came to realize this only when we tried getting in attested. It's the GAD department that told us the law. Now the registrar doesn't want to admit it's fault. They want us to trash the certificate and marry again as per special law now. Iam already blessed with a son and his passport and admission in school is based on registration of my marriage. We are currently residing in china and their rules need marriage certificate as proof. Please suggest what is the solution to this issue? How can the officials plainly deny their mistake and ask us to remarry on today's date? It impacts a lot. Kindly guide us with the best solution.