Hefty Charges for Change of name for resale flat

Hi, I bought a resale 3BHK flat in Pune in Kolte Patil developer ltd (KPDL) project in Mar-2015. When I bought the flat, KPDL body was taking care of the apartment maintenance & day to day operations and it was still in their control. There was no AGM conducted and there was no officially elected committee or body to take charge back from KPDL. For me, this situation is like - a developer (KPDL) is in control of Apartment and as per Maharashtra government regulation, there is no NOC required from developer to change the name of the flat. However, KPDL body have been demanding Rs. 50,000/- to issue NOC to change the name of flat. It's been one year I have been living in my flat but they are refusing to change the flat name to me. There are various follow ups are done by me with them but no joy. Can I get advice on- 1. If NOC is required for change of flat name to me when there was no officially elected apartment committee and when apartment operations were in control of developer -KPDL.? 2. Is it legal to demand Rs. 50,000/- which will be deposited in Tuscan apartment account? 3. Is Rs. 50,000/- a reasonable amount to issue NOC for change of name? 4.Who is deciding the amount & is there any cap on demanded amount? 5. Is it mandatory to pay hefty amount for change of name when transaction did not happen with developer and it was between me and 1st seller? Any guidance on how to settle the issue/deadlock is highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Sachin Dawane