I have been married since 7 years now... I lived with my wife for first 5 years... I had bad sex life with her as she is sexually passive. I tried to treat her but no result. after 3 and half year I gave up when I understood her both ovaries are not functioning n she doesn't have sexual desires at all. This discussion led to disturbance in relationships n finally she planned to exploit me for money and showed cruelty so that I should file divorce n they can easily get good sum. I am central govt employee. They got separated from me by giving police complaint n on agreement since two years. In police complaint she mentioned she want husband back home since I had left home due to mental cruelty. She agreed to live separate after demanding 10 thousand rupees per month. I agreed n paid for 4 months. Later I stopped. Since 20 months they are silent. I don't want to pay them a single rupee. They have cheated me. I have medical records to prove that her ovaries are not working. I need to remarry also but in confusion. If file divorce n may have to pay the lady who spoiled my life. Please suggest me what to do.