Specific performance suite after registered agreement

Hello I have gone through registered agreement of a plot. There was a Khasra No. typing mistake in seller's registry. In his registry Khasra No. was misprinted as 123 H but actually there is only single Khasra in 123 that is 123 A. Seller has agreed to correct it before registry and did an agreement clearly mentioning above point of correction. Now he denied to registry. I send a legal notice to him before registry which was not received by him. I gave both time of attendance in registrar office. After all I filed a case of specific performance in court and submitted all the necessary document i.e. 1. Original registered agreement 2. Bank statement of amount given to him at the time of agreement and amount given to him after agreement 3. Remaining amount bank statement 4.Registrar office attendance slip and other document in support of my willingness. Court make following issues: 1. Is agreement done? 2. Proper court fee paid? 3. Willingness and effect 4. Is this a valid case suitable for specific performance? Till now statement from my side only is completed in last six years. Now they have submitted there affidavit and saying that I have 1. wrongly written less amount in Registered Agreement 2.Because of misprinting of Khasara No. they are not the actual owner and they can not perform any registry of it. 3. They wish to make there seller a party in this case 4. Neither they are accepting nor denying any where the additional amount I have paid through cheque. Now onward what I should do to accelerate this case as I wish to build a house on this land