Pressure on me to submit resignation to the management forcefully

Sub:- Pressure on me to submit resignation to the management forcefully Dear Sir, I, Subhojyoti Munshi, have the honour to state that I had been appointed as Senior Manager (EHS & IR) by the then Group President and Whole Time Director of Jindal ITF on 18th January ‘2016 for Farakka Terminal and my employee ID I1056. That, while inception the reporting management did not give me any opportunity to learn, understand and or execute my learning process in my respective work field. The reason behind it seems that the JINDAL ITF reporting management does not follow proper communication system, whether downward, upward and lateral system. That, over a period of last five months, I am in loss of perpetual behavioural approach from my functional head. That, times without number, I had approached my administrative head regarding the problems which I had been facing during the course of my engagement/employment and these said matters had never been solved or made to resolve either to the lack of knowledge or reluctance from my administrative or from the functional head. That, in lieu of my persistent craving of my short comings , my functional and administrative heads did not given confer upon me any such directions which is a part of my lacuna when exercising my given duties and responsibilities. That, under the present circumstances I have been constantly pressurised by the respective management to tender my resignation in a forceful,, unsolicited and or devoid of natural justice manner which is very much unconstitutional in nature and are blatant cohesive functions towards me as a probationer. That, it is a deliberate action from the part of the management to destabilise the harmonious industrial relations and hence it attracts the Industrial Dispute Act 1947. Therefore I request your intervention in this matter and in order to protect a probationer of the organisation without completing my six months of the period mentioned in my appointment letter dated 18th Jan’2016. If the management is not satisfied with my performance the probationary period may be extended up to for another 03 months (90) days in addition to last six months to provide a chance to prove my credibility and my abilities to handle my roles and responsibilities as per the provisions of law. Sir, kindly help me and my family to tide over the present state of injustice and misdemeanour, being exercised by my administrative and functional head and to kindly give me relieve from mental agony as soon as possible. I will always give my full efforts to comply upon all the need and necessities of the employer to the best of my knowledge and believe. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours sincerely Subhojyoti Munshi