Service Agreement

Hi Sir, I signed a service agreement on 16th September 2015 with my employer stating that employer agrees to employ me for a minimum period of 2 years. Since then, i have been working at client site. Since December 2015, My employer have been giving me extension of 1 month every month stating that "This is to inform that your contract has been further extended till "Last Day of the month". In case the project gets extended further, we will extend your employment period as per the duration of the project as your employment is coterminous. All other terms and conditions of employment remain the same". I have been giving the consent via email till now. I have received the same email for extension till 8th July which i got to know is the last working day of my employment. Is it possible that my employer can end my employment like that given my employment is valid for 2 years. Also for your reference, in my appointment letter it is written that "This appointment letter and service agreement embodies the entire agreement and understanding between the Employer and Employee with reference to the subject matter and supersedes all other agreements, understanding, proposals, or correspondence between the employer and employee." Please assist.