Wrong affidavit

I am muslim.I have applied for govt job rajasthan on 21/05/13 (unmaried). i got maried on dated 15/12/13(my wife dob was [deleted]). result came out on 10/03/2014 and i got selected. but my wife age was not 18 so i cant get marriage certificate that was compulsory for married candidate so i just fill unmaried on 13/0314 in my detail form after selection. then on 30/05/14 my wife obtain marriage certificate from nagar parishad with the help of tampering in dob in 10th marksheet fraud dob [deleted](with help of photoshop). on dated 11/08/2014 i filled affidafit on non judicial stamp paper i will not take dowery in future and i am unmaried(that affidafit was compulsory for maried and unmaried both). i join govt job on 27/10/2014. after joining i fill in employ id detail i am maried on 15/12/2014 then on 28/10/2014 my wife filled fir aginst me 498a ,406 ,377. i got bail after custody from highcourt jaipur. then department suspen me for six month. now i am on duty. now my wife got that affidafit with rti from department and filled fir 420.467,468,120b etc what will happen