Court fee

There have been some disputes between us and we have not been living together from couple of years. For these couple of years I have been getting some threats form my spouse on dowry and harassment. I had sent a legal notice to my spouse for separation through my Lawyer and in parallel after a few days filed a case under section 13. In reply to my notice from her lawyer she put false allegations of dowry and harassment and planning to lodge a FIR and a dowry case against me and my family members. Now my Lawyer is asking a huge amount of money [8 percent of the claimed dowry demand] on the name of Court Fee in addition to his Fee. He says he will go to the court of the area where she is planning to file a dowry case and he will not let the court have this case filed because we already have filed a case under section 13 in my district court. And in explanation he says that I will have to pay 8 percent of the amount of dowry amount she is claiming to be demanded. For example if She claims that demand were made for 10 lakhs then I will have to pay 8 percent as court fee which is Rs. 80 thousands. And at this point we are not even sure whether FIR is logged and case has been put up. So why my lawyer is demanding that huge amount on the name of court fee. Can you please give some information on court fee in this regard. And some more help to handle this case. Thanks in Advance.