Does a married women have rights in fathers and mothersproperty

My name is B.Raga sandhya and I married a muslim guy who is my classmate on nov'1 2011. Before getting married i asked permission to my parents along with my classmate(now husband) in october but they denied for our marriage. On nov'1 2011, we went to my classmate(now husband) house, and put our marriage proposal infront of them and they agreed,we went to nearby masjid and got married as per muslim tradition. (All these happened in kadapa(dist),Andhra pradesh). After one week,we went to hyderabad as we both are working in hyderabad. after sometime, in the month of february my parents came to hyderabad stating that they will do our marriage again as per hindu tradition and they will give 15 lacs and one 2bhk for us and my husband denied for that. After 2-3 days somehow i made my husband to agree for my parents proposal,as we are struggling financially. On february we again got married as per hindu tradition in hyderabad with limited relatives. After 5 months i asked my parents for amount and house they said they will give after 6months. we waited. In the mean time my husband lost his software job. Again after 6 months we both asked regarding money and house.They said after my fathers retirement as both my parents are govt.employees. My father working as a commerce professor in govt. college earning 85000++ per month and is about to retire in september 2017. My mother working as a Head Mistress in govt school, earning 70000++ per month and is about to retire in may 2020. and both having assets of nearly 3 cr in total. My present family situation is we are having 2 children and finiancially we are not strong. im working as a software employee(now in maternity leave,having 6 months baby) and my husband is looking after small business of health supplements. Before 3 weeks i asked my parents, regarding amount and house they got frustrated and said we wont give any thing to you as are married to a muslim guy and u r following muslim tradition and cut my call. from last 3 weeks im thinking a lot regarding what my parents had done,finally i came to a conclusion that i will take legal help against my parents. i heard that in 2005 supreme court has given amendment that daughters eventhough married has the right of 50% in their parents property. kindly give me necessary guidelines so that i can get something legally from my parents.... here im providing my husband mail address and my husband mobile number