Hi, I was married in 2012 and in March of 2014 my husband left me. I was not physically and mentally in a position to file any case then, but now I want to. I want a divorce from my husband on grounds of desertion if that’s possible and I want to know if that is possible? My husband got fed up of living with me because of my constant hospitalization which was due to my depression. I once was declared a psycho and my behavior was termed as psychotic when I was taken to hospital during one of my panic attacks. I didn't do anything intentionally my god knows that, I don’t know why I behaved the way I did(I used to become restless, would start crying and ask him to take me to the hospital and when I’d reach hospital I’d be fine). My husband couldn’t take it anymore. Our marriage was hidden from his parents for a year but they got to know about it in november of 2013 when they came to delhi to meet their son. Since then they have been persuading him to leave me and go live with them. My husband mentioned it to me once but I ignored it because I thought he loved me and he would never leave me until his father a heart patient I think was advised a heart bypass surgery by his doctors in start of 2014. And his parents started emotionally blackmailing him even more. In march 2014, his parents came back to delhi to again pursue him but he didn’t go with them. But one evening when I came back from office he learnt me of his plan, he told me that he was planning to leave me to my parents and go back and live with his parents because his father and his family needs him which I was ok with but then he added that they want him back permanently, they want him to leave me and be back with them and then only they would go through with the surgery. He said that he had no choice and said that we couldn’t live together anymore but we could live as friends, If I ever need anything, any help I could call him. My mind stopped working at that very talk and I called my parents and told them everything and next morning we went back to my parents. But that previous night he also called his parents and asked them to come down to delhi which I wasnt aware of initially. We had a talk at my parents place but he was unreasoned and instead started asking my dad for our marriage certificate which my dad refused to and he left without taking me with him, so my parents took me back to their home. Then 2 days later we received a call from the priest who had carried out our marriage, he said to my parents to come visit him with the marriage certificate and he will issue us a new one, obviously my father sensed something wrong and just made some excuse to get him off and hung up. The priest was influenced by my husband’s parents, I know of this because my husband once told me that his parents are very influential people and that they can do anything. About calling for certificate(my husband was a minor when he married me but he gave a false affidavit which could get him in trouble). 3 days later I got a call from my husband that he had left delhi and he is mumbai now with his parents and I told me to get all my stuff from the place where we were living together(and this call was after the landlord became suspicious after seeing him leaving with his stuff (thats what the landlord told us when we went there). I called him after few days, but my mind was blocked, I just asked him how he was and hung up, I didnt know what to say so I hung up without saying anything else. I tried him again after 2 days and he switched off his phone, I kept trying him every now and then on his cell phone(that was the only number I had of him) for next few days but it was still not on. So I called his mother and she told me upfront that I was never to call them again ever, and that they don't believe in this marriage as he was still a minor and that we had kidnapped him and forced him into this marriage and that was my last contact with them. Its been over 2 years now, I don’t want any reconciliation with hi. I just want a divorce on the grounds of desertion and I want to know if that is possible.