How to distribute ancestral property when father died intestate

I am from Kerala belongs to Christian Community. My father died intestate, we are 9 childrens, 4 sisters and 5 brothers, . My two brothers got their property share from my father while he was alive, Remaining 3 brothers there is no any division taken place. Now, we 3 brothers entered into a partition deed (bhaga udambadi) and got it registered in sub-registrar office. For mutation(pokku varavu) of the property, self approached concerned Village Officer, but VO denied mutation as the Bhaga Udampadi says there are no other heirs except we 3. VO told me to make a bhaga udambadi by taking release deed of all the other 6 members of the family, as all the 9 childrens are entitled to get equal share of their father's property when he dies intestate. VO also told me there is no any value for this Partiton Deed due to the absence of other legal heirs. With the help of a lawyer, my self got all relese deed from all of my 4 sisters and two brothers. My sisters released their shares in favour to me only thereby accumulating their shares to my account. There are 140 cents for 9 children, out of 9 my self got now 5 shares including me in my favour. Now, how can I acquire this property in my name including my sisters share. All release deeds are Dhana Nischaya Adharam . Please throw some light on this issue. for which I shall be ever grateful to you. Regards to all