Can I file case against my in laws and husband

I was beaten seven times by my husband and thrown out of house . The problem is my mother in law and his married sister are always interfering in our marriage life that he decides each thing asking his mother and sister and am being ignored. He has never given me any right or respect wife. I have tried to adjust so many times leaving jobs so that thought it might get alright if I give time for him. Each time throw me out of house and come to pick up saying will not happen again. He even has said his mother and sister will get angry if he gives importance to me. This time he was asked by his sister to get out of the house because he said he want to live with me alone in separate house which was in top of the house where his mother lives. I can t be with my mother in law because she toucher s me mentally so much. She treats me like servant. When his sister asked to get out he said ok he will search other house. He searched house for one month promising me he we will move. Second month also same. He earns 40k. He then changed mind then said if goes he will loose property. I only felt this is right time to escape. But he was cheating me with false promise. I then went to my mother's house. Then all of a sudden he joined with sister. He forced me to be with his mother as his sister wishes. I said I can't so he tried to beat me before my mother in my mother's house. When my mother tried to stop he tried to beat my mother. Then tried to take baby and go. I screamed and gathered people. He all of a sudden lied all people that my mother not allowing to go with him. I really don't want to go with him. I have lost my job for him, I used my money 1lakh which I saved because of my job because he always throw me from house help less, now I don't have single paise, am not getting proper job because of my four years job gap and age 33, this marriage life has left me mentally sick. I am sure if I go it will be more worse than ever before. He tried to avoid all my relatives so that he can make no one to question for me. He tried so many ways to threaten me and my mother to make me get out from my mother's house but I did not. Now am afraid if will take my baby away from me.