Petition u/s 24 and 13 of Hindu Marriage Act

Sir, I got married on [deleted] and started living with my wife at a place far away from my native place. On [deleted], my wife asked her father to take her home. She left my home on the same day ( [deleted]) and also took with her all her belongings like ornaments, clothes, etc. from my house. Then she and her family had spread rumours that I tortured her physically, I kept her like a servant. She does not want to come back to my home and asked to give money to her if I want divorce from her. Now, she has filed petition u/s 13 of Hindu Marriage Act for divorce. She has also applied for Interim Maintenance u/s 24. She has completed B.Com., M.Com. and she is in the final year of CA ( Chartered Accountant). Her Article Ship of CA Final Year is also completed. Sir, can she ask for the Interim Maintenance? Can I say in the court that she is highly educated and capable to do a job so she can not ask for the Interim Maintenance from me. Kindly give details of cases similar to mine and their judgments, if available. I will be very thankful to you. Thank you.