Final verdict is pending in civil court

My mother are 5 siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My mother is the eldest one and she is a widow. The other two daughters are set with their families. The elder son is unemployed and never does any permanent job. The younger son is a govt's employee with Uttarakhand Electricity dept. The Elder son who is unemployed never had a good relation with the family as he is involved in many anti-social activities. My Grand mother, who is a widow, signed and gave a valid share of the property to my Mom and the younger son, in Daan-patr. Later when the Elder son came to know that the younger son and my mother have got their property's share registered legally, he somehow managed to blackmail my Grandmother against younger son's wife and lodged a case in court that property share has been registered by force. The judge, without checking with the 2nd party, had ordered 'Stay' on the property. Important points: >Total land is 30 beesa, in which 2.5 beesa is given to my mother and 8.5 beesa is given to the younger son, in daan-patr. >The remaining entire 19 beesa is forcefully occupied by the elder son, without any legal registration. >The elder son wants to occupy the share given to my mom and her younger brother also, he wants to occupy the entire property. >As per the notice, the case lodged in Civil court is, my mother and her younger brother have forcefully got their share registered. >A second complaint lodged to SDM, the notice says my mother and younger brother got their share registered on the condition of taking care of Grandmother. >Grandmother actually lived with younger son only ever since Grandfather expired, she also gets a pension of 9000/- per month. >Younger son always took care of his mother, without any terms and conditions. >The two complaints are contradictory. >SDM has cancelled the case and gave the verdict in my mother's favor after investigating the case. >After getting defeated, the elder son gave 3rd complain in DM office, for the same case that my mother and her younger brother got their share registered on the condition of taking care of Grandmother. >Actually Grandmother now lives with elder son who is always unemployed and never works. He's taking the pension money of my Grandmother and is filing such false cases against my mother and her younger brother expecting to get 5000/- from each per month. Problem: >The first case lodged in civil court, that the property share was signed forcefully, is stuck in the court from 1 year. >Despite of case being in my mother' favor, the judge was delaying the verdict and later got transferred. >The new judge hasn't taken the charge yet and our hearing is getting postpone from the past 4 months, every time to a new date with a gap of 1 month. >Just the verdict is pending, no more investigations. >Elder son is anyway jobless and he keeps filing such false cases, but elder son is govt employee and my mother is a widow who lives with my sister, as I am married and moved to other city. >Elder son has time for all these things, but younger son is a govt employee and don't have time to keep running behind judgements of false cases. >And my mother being a widow and a heart patient, don't have time for such things. My question: What should be done when the final verdict is pending from a long time in Civil court?