Property Transfer

Sir, My father has owned 03 properties (two in Delhi and one in Gurgaon). For the two properties which is in Janakpuri and Gurgaon are in the name of my father and he made a registered will in respect of me so that I can easily transfer the property in my name after his death. But the one property where we residing in Delhi is in the name of my mother and she was also died 10 years ago. We are two brothers and two sisters. My brother is well settled and has no objection and my one sister has also no objection in signing the relinquish deed but one of my sister is not agreeing and she want her share in the property. My father has made a registered will for this property also . But I want to transfer to property in my name in front of my father itself to avoid any dispute over the property. My question is that Is their any way to transfer the property in my name. Also. please tell if my two sister signs the relinquish deed, can they have to present in front of Registrar for transfer of the property in my name. Thanks.