My sisters husband filed a case hindu marriage act section 10

Hello resp. Lawyers. My sisters husband has filed a petition under hindu marriage act section 10. Says she is characterless. Also send me a copy on wtsapp after talking to my sister she says his husband has alleged he has a CD of me and her talking (18+ talks) which actually never happened coz I and my parents live in a small house and call was made through landline so parents can hear anything and as other websites and all people says calls are not recorded ?. And her husband also says that he has a tape of her and other guy(not me) in which they were in bed. Plus its been only 6 months since their marriage. And she has been reportedly saying this whole time to us that she is not being treated like human in their house. So what we should do. Her husband has given my name and my mothers and I'm a normal graduate who is looking for jobs one can imagine my situation.but in the petition neither my name or my mothers name is mentioned but we are getting calls from the police station to come for questioning.