Domestic violence

Hi..I m not sure whether my fathers case come under criminal or civil case. Actuly a lady has filed a domestic violence case against my father claiming that he has married her lieing that my father was a widower although the people in the area knew that my father was married and had two children. While the fact is that the lady was after my father since a year. She has also stated that they use to stay togethr in a livein relationship even before the marriage. According to my father there is no such evidence of marriage. There are few people who are speaking on belhalf of her but we also have people who knew that my father use to stay in his own rented flat. My fathers collogues are ready to speak on behalf of my father. The women have put other false allegation saying my father deserted her after spending all her assests but there is no such evidence. What sud we do as my father works in a police department. Is there any kind of danger in losing his job if that woman succeds in her motive?? And does the court consider my fathers collegue as a witness..