Cruelty Domestic Violence by my wife

I am MM and got arranged married to qualified B.Tech girl working in MNC and Filed 498a [deleted] IPC and 4 DP act on me and my parents. Willing to contest. Already filed discharge petition and Due to this False FIR her advocate is asking for money to settle but I want to contest the Indian System of Law being misused by some unruly advocates to help frame these fake charges in Police station. Would like to know what all details can I request as RTI to Police station before Framing of Charges and Trail of these false fake allegations what to cross-exam in 307 ipc and 313 ipc. 1) What should be my approach to finish this case if the witnesses avoid dates ? 2) If the OP advocate bribes Public Prosecutor as it generally happens in India then how do we come to know and what can be done to curb this menance by advocates ? 3) The OP party has already succeed in Charge sheet with same charges in-connivance with Police IIC and IO as well to frame same IPC charges. How can I prove myself and my parents for quick acquittal. Am feeling unsafe each day. Thank you.