Cruelty Domestic Violence by my wife

I am MM and got married (arranged by parents) about 6 months back to qualified B.Tech girl working in MNC and getting around Rs.15000 per month. She is now staying with me and claiming 50% share in my self acquired property and shared by my parents, also know my salary details. 1) Creating domestic violence as instigated by her parents and torturing me & my old parents (senior citizens) with misbehavior, disrespect, no listening & obeying at all. She always threatening to ruin my family, kill me, and asking us to commit suicide which has been reported to Police. 2) She has physically assaulted me 2/3 times - bitten me badly inflecting deep injury as certified by govt. doctor and reported to police. 3) Her parents are constantly interfering in our family matters and instigating her to create domestic violence by filing for 498A case where she has already approached police station & given written complaint(NCR) falsely against me and my parents as domestic violence due to demand. But we have not taken a single pie from her or her parents. We are constantly harassed by her mischievous action and fabricating words in different situations. What we want is :- 1) Whether we can go for filing case under cruelty and voidable marriage before one year or any other case that can be considered. 2) As Earning spouse whether she should contribute to family maintenance or not. 3) How to avoid family interference and how she can stay separately as she is creating domestic violence? 4) Under these circumstances what can she claim my salary & property ? Am feeling unsafe each day. Thank you.