Personal Loan Default

Bank called me several times explained and forced me to take personal loan of 12 lakhs without any documents and guarantee. i took the loan for 10 lakhs. I am paying the emi on date. but i missed this month due payment because, i lost the job and also, I invested all the amount in Share Market, i lost all the, I vacated the place where i stayed before three months itself. because i couldn't pay the rent. i was in contact with bank by phone and email. now bank is forcing me to pay the due amount immediately... but my situation is worst now i lost my job also but i requested and mailed the bank to give time for the payment..but they are forcing and not giving time for the money arrangement...sure i will repay the money and i am not the cheater. i informed the bank my situation also..but they are calling my relations for money.. i dont have permanent address now but i informed bank the city name where am staying. please give me proper solution to solve this issue.. currently i am searching for job in abroad. i dont know what to do. But, sure.. i have confident to pay the money back to bank. thanks in advance