Family issues

Good afternoon sir, i got married in 2015 feb.i dont have any problem with my wife and i going good with her. but we did not stay atleast 3months the reason i got married in middle of my studies and my wife too is busy with her studies.but after 3rd month of our marriage she got pregnancy because of me only.the thing from the beginning me and my father-in-law have been quarrelling due to his cheap mentality and his cheap behaviour even though he is rich.and my wife is only daughter to him no other siblings. keeping those into his mind now he is trying to get my property through divorce. i am completely upset becouse of day he came to my home and warned me that he will kill my born baby daughter if i will not put any property on his daughter name, there i got angry and i am completely out of control and even tried to snatch his neck for his rude and rediculous behaviour .and now he is demanding my family to write entire 150crore worth on my children or otherwise he will not send his happend since 12months i am not with my wife and daughter.and now he is planning for file case against me on 494. but i am interested and loved to stay with my wife and daughter but their family members everybody changed her mind that like "she got already 50crore worth of property and she put case against me on dowry harassment then she will get remaining and then she can be independent" . so she completely influenced by those words and never reverted me. i am not worrying about my property but if i write also i am sure that my father in law will send them to me or not. i am completely worried of my life as i am now 26years my entire ambitions are going spoil because of my parents mistake. please help me with good advise sir.